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On this page you will find comprehensive audiovisual tutorials that show you how to use Cecil. By viewing these tutorials in a window alongside your own browser window (with Cecil open), you will be able follow along.


The first set of tutorials will first introduce you to each of the areas/functionalities in Cecil and how they're used. Each tutorial then goes on to demonstrate how to use the features available with each area. It is best to follow in the order set out below, to fully understand how the Cecil functionalities work together.


The second set will show you the processes to be followed in the calculation of your Final Marks & Grades. You will need to view these in the order they are listed but you may skip 2, 3 & 4 if you do not believe you need to use assessment groups.


If you have viewed these tutorials, we would appreciate any feedback you have. To place this feedback, please click here.


Cecil Web Interface Intro


  1. What's New in your courses

  2. Navigating through Cecil

  3. Creating a dummy course

  4. Personal Settings

  5. Knowledge Map

  6. Resources

  7. Library

  8. People

  9. Activities & Marks

  10. Announcements

  11. Discussions

  12. Chat

  13. Personal Journals

  14. Streams

  15. Course Admin & Reports


Final Marks and Grades :


  1. Initial checks to be performed

  2. Assessment groups explanation and use

  3. Setting up assessment groups for the purpose of Final Marks & Grades

  4. Setting up assessment groups for the purpose of Plussage and Final Marks & Grades

  5. Calculating the Final Marks & Grades



  1. What to check

  2. How to create evaluations

  3. Troubleshooting - deleting and editing


Exporting Questions from QuestionMark to Canvas

  1. QuestionMark Pre-Check

  2. QuestionMark QTI XML Export

  3. Canvas QTI XML Import

  4. Canvas Quiz Creation

  5. Extracting Images and Audio from QuestionMark

  6. Add Images to Imported Canvas Questions

  7. Add Audio to Imported Canvas Questions


How do I...


How do I Send an Email or Announcement?


Create Tests?


Setup Assessment Groups

Create an Activity?