CECIL: Enterprise Learning Management System

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CECIL Enterprise Learning Management System
The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland, New Zealand

Tel - 64 9 - 373 7599 ext.85100
Fax - 64 9 - 308 2389

Support & Help

For Students
Tel - 64 9 - 303 5959
Help site for students

For help in person for students: Please go to IC Helpdesk, Level 2, Kate Edger Information Commons. More details on IC Helpdesk, visit their website

For Staff
Tel - 64 9 - 373 7599 ext.85100
Help site for staff members

For help in person for staff: Please go to the "Request Cecil Assistance" page and email the request to Cecil Service Desk with the details specified on the page.

Report Problems
Complete the standard form if you need help from the Cecil helpdesk.
The information you provided will help us to locate the problem faster.
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