CECIL: Enterprise Learning Management System

Team Cecil

Taken from among the best students within the University of Auckland, these students excel in acquiring the necessary skills to work productively and cohesively within a team environment. They collaborate closely with senior staff members within the academic departments, and many of the IT groups responsible for its systems, in order to maintain and extend Cecil's edge.

Don Sheridan
David White

Scott Diener

Project Manager
Sally Liu

Operations Manager

Quality Assurance
Kathy Houtami

Solution Analyst
Tristan Lomberg
Systems and Database Developers
Tanika Chopra

Craig Sutherland
Douglas Tan
Zubair Ahmed
Li Guan
Niko Uusitalo


Mana Coromandel
Shereen Yong
Alan Shum
Tarik Al-Ani
Ben Yu
Jia Ye
Stephen Witherden
Karen Fu
Auday Alsabak
Ben Vaughan
Russell Manning
Matt Barrett
Kelley Smoot
Rob Redgwell
Andrew Johnson
Isuru Fernando
Jay Furness
Serguei Samoroukov
Jack Leong
Chin Boo Soon
Allen Chen
Eugen Cristea
Danmei Lee
Schalk Pienaar
Chris Ben
Nikolai Blackie
Kevin Bosch
Johnny Chan
Wynne Chan
Blair Couper
Michael Crestanello
Rasheed Razafud Dean
Ali Mohammad Khan



Phillip Cao
Ninos Yacoub
Jason Steenstra-Pickens
Chinthana Jayasena
Matt Watson
Achyuthan Kumaravetpillai
Nick Jones
Ben Morelli
Jacqui Huang
Jay Wu
Edward Shi
Dave McKinney
Samuel Stadler
Sarah Hon
Jae Suk Lee
Zemin Tian
Bartosz Sielewicz
Rory Kingan
Shaun Lee
Kate Leuchars
Li Ping Loo
Isaac McNaughton
David Poon
Ollie Powell
Damon Rudge
Lim Sim Soon
Michael Tantrum
Richard Vowles
Edwine Gers
Tim Harding
Ashley Helm

Support Staff

Students employed as Learning Technology Assistants (LTAs) are assigned to specific departments within the University to assist the staff with the use of Cecil throughout the year. LTAs are successful students from within the department who have a core grounding in technology, yet also possess a strong desire to interact with academics and assist them in the teaching process.

Cecil Support Coordinator
Radhini Sabanayagam

Client Support Analysts
Samantha Smart

Learning Technology Assistants
Jenni Bull
Max Coombes
Matthew Gibson
Samantha Beattie
Meredith Karlsen
Yan Liu



Lawrence May
Karin Ingram
Tristan Lomberg
Richard Bailey
Ben Ormsby
Peita Brown
Raukura Turei
Corinne Aitken
Debbie Ting
Jack Woon
Amber Taylor
Andrew Zhu
Jessica Robinson
Tony Kuo
Perrin Rowland
Christopher Ting
Brian Chan
Tamsyn Lomberg
Hamish Egan
Aaron Mcloughlin
Eleanor Briggs
Camryn Brown
David Katz
Andrew Bhimy
Chris Bull
Ruth Bulmer
Tony Creamer
Nicholas Fitzherbert
Richard Hadley
Megan Hall
Anna Hirst



Sophia Cooke
Brook Aspden
Antonia Dickey
David Liu
Jennifer Devlin
Michelle Siu
James Whittome
Martin Ma
Renee Fehsenfeld
Chris Martin
Vernon Lomberg
Yunyeong Kim
Matthew Molloy
Karrie Sampson
Shweta Trivedi
Jyoti Kalyanji
Scott Marsh
Janine Martell
Olivier Morgon
Jayesh Mystry
Jared Sharma
Susan Wylie